Elyria, Ohio Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Dangerous Drugs Attorney | Elyria, OHYou’re ill and you get a prescription from your doctor. After picking up the prescription from a local pharmacy in Elyria, OH you begin taking the medications according to the doctor’s direction.

All the sudden, you’re even sicker than you were before. You’re body has had a reaction to the medicine prescribed to make you feel better, and now you’re suffering even more — missing work and making more visits to the doctor, resulting in more medical bills.

Unfortunately, this type of situation happens more than it should. Drugs that are meant to support our health can actually be dangerous. A failure to properly test drugs results in patient deaths and debilitating reactions every year.

If you or a loved one believe to be the victim of a dangerous drug in Elyria, there is likely a flood of questions washing over you along with the ailments the faulty drug might have caused. Who is to blame? How do I seek justice for this?

An experienced dangerous drug and pharmaceutical litigation attorney can help answer these questions. Brian K. Balser Co. LPA has worked with victims of dangerous drugs in Elyria for many years, fighting for individuals’ rights and walking with every person through the legal steps of his or her case.

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