Erb’s Palsy

Lorain County, OH Birth Injury Lawyer

As a parent, your greatest wish is that your child grows up healthy and happy. During your pregnancy, you go out of your way to ensure you take the right vitamins, eat the right things, and practice habits beneficial to your unborn baby.

Unfortunately, some things are out of your control; you trust doctors and medical professionals to handle many of these aspects, including the actual birthing of your child.

Approximately one or two children out of every thousand will suffer from a brachial nerve injury, resulting in Erb’s palsy. This birth complication is caused by a nerve injury that affects the feeling and motion capabilities of the hands, fingers, and arms of your baby.

Fortunately, delivering techniques are improving in Ohio and across the U.S., preventing many Erb’s palsy cases. If your child suffers from Erb’s palsy as the result of negligent or careless actions of a doctor or medical professional—someone your family trusted keep you and your baby safe in the delivery room—you are likely confused as to how to proceed.

At Brian K. Baler Co. LPA, I understand the frustration you and your family feel. Watching your baby suffer from Erb’s palsy—or in any capacity, for that matter—is a terrible burden to bear. You need the help of an experienced birth injury attorney, someone who will fight for the rights of you and your child.

Contact the Elyria, Ohio or Clearwater, Florida satellite office of Brian K. Balser Co. LPA for the help you and your baby deserve. Erb’s palsy is a serious—yet often avoidable—birth injury that requires experience when being dealt with in a legal capacity.

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