North Ridgeville, OH, Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

baby walking

If you’ve just started a family in North Ridgeville and welcomed a new baby into the world, you’re likely excited and stressed all at the same time. After all, being a parent is a great reward of life. Luckily, North Ridgeville is a safe and quiet place to watch a child grow and learn.

If your baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, life in North Ridgeville could become more painful and stressful than it should be. Cerebral palsy is caused by exterior damage to a baby’s developing brain and results in a disorder of movement and muscle development. Cerebral palsy will have an impact on a child’s entire life, and it could have been caused by the mistake or careless actions of a healthcare professional.

Some typical causes of brain damage that might result in cerebral palsy are lack of oxygen to the brain related to difficult labor or delivery, infant infections that cause inflammation in or around the brain, and traumatic head injury to the infant. If a doctor or nurse failed to follow proper medical safety rules during a difficult labor, or if he or she improperly diagnosed a baby during prenatal development, that could mean you and your baby deserve compensation for your child’s injuries and future medical care.

If your baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and you have question or concerns about the nature of the birth or actions of medical professionals, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney. Brian K. Balser, Co. LPA has experience with cerebral palsy and other birth injury cases and understands the frustration you’re feeling. We can work together to investigate your case and get your questions answered.

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