Birth Asphyxia

Lorain County, OH Birth Injury Attorney

As a proud new parent, your newborn means the world to you. How such a tiny person could affect your life is such a big way is unbelievable and inspiring all at once.

Unfortunately for some parents, the birthing experience comes with unexpected complications, sometimes caused by the negligent or careless actions of medical professionals.

One such complication is birth asphyxia, a result of a lack of oxygen.

If your baby has suffered from birth asphyxia, you are likely confused as to how this happened to your child. The complication occurs in about four out of every 1,000 full-term births, and even more frequently among babies born prematurely (according to Seattle Children’s Hospital).

If you suspect your child is a victim of birth asphyxia due to the negligence of a doctor or medical professional, check for these signs at the time of birth:

  • Your baby is breathing very weakly or not at all
  • Skin color is pale or bluish
  • Low heart rate
  • Muscle tone is poor or reflexes are weak
  • Too much acid is in the blood
  • The amniotic fluid is stained with meconium
  • Your baby is experiencing seizures

If your child has suffered birth asphyxia, reach out to an experienced birth injury attorney for the help and guidance your family needs. Each child is precious and should never have to suffer due to the negligence of a medical professional—someone you trusted to take care of your baby’s birth.

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