Lorain, Ohio Car Accident Lawyer

Lorain OH car accident injuryAt the end of a hectic work schedule, sometimes a drive can be all you need to calm down and shake off the day. Whether you’ve worked a long shift at Mercy Regional Medical Center or spent the day in meetings at Parker-Hannifin, there is nothing like putting on your seatbelt, turning up the radio, and cruising towards home—especially when home is Lorain, Ohio, situated right on the foot of Lake Erie.

Despite the seemingly placidity of the drive, the chance of having a car accident in Lorain, Ohio is as high as anywhere else. A quiet, north central Ohio road can look a lot like a bumper-to-bumper city highway in seconds flat. You could get in a car accident on Broadway through downtown, or even on W. Erie, almost to your house. Regardless of where the accident happens in Lorain, getting in a car wreck is scary, especially when there are injuries involved.

Car accident injuries cannot only be severe, but quite costly. Whether you have a broken leg or a fractured collarbone, the dollars add up. These injuries are costly not only because of the pile of medical bills, but because of the money you’ve lost from taking off work while recovering.

How do your truly recover when you are stressed about the car payment, the medical fees, and your job security?

At Brian K. Balser Co. LPA, I know how hard you work each day and how stressful it is to have these injuries happen. As a personal injury lawyer, I want to do everything I can to help you stop the stress and start the healing. With years of experience handling car accident injury cases, I will do my best to assist you through your Lorain car accident injury needs by answering your questions and guiding you through the legal process.

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