Drug Mix Ups Mean Big Drug Recalls

Prescription Drug Bottle and PillsWhen a drug manufacturer makes a packaging mistake, thousands of lives are put at risk.  A recent drug recall is evidence of this: a mix up between ibuprofen and a seizure drug prescribed to epilepsy patients could have serious health consequences.

Epilepsy patients who are scheduled to take a drug that prevents the seizures that can kill them were at risk for receiving a minor painkiller. American Health Packaging is responsible for the mix up and voluntarily recalled the drugs as soon as suspicion arose that something wasn’t right.

The recall was officially initiated after receiving one customer complaint. Luckily, there have yet to be any reports of detrimental events or injuries as a result of the mix-up.  The packaging company recognized that “in some patients, taking ibuprofen and missing their scheduled dose of oxcabazepine could increase the chances of having a seizure.”

According to an article from FiercePharmaManufacturing, seemingly preventable drug packaging accidents such as this have happened more frequently than usual this year.

One other recall involved the mix up of an anti-depressant and a heart drug.  A pharmacist discovered a tablet of the heart drug in a bottle of anti-depressants, which resulted in a recall of more than 100,000 bottles.  Any patient prescribed the anti-depressant who took the heart medication by mistake could have potentially had a fatal reaction.

Every drug, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, has its own risks and side effects that could affect consumers depending on their unique health condition, allergies, or other drugs an individual is taking.  When a patient is expecting one drug but consumes another, there is no telling the types of injuries that could occur as a result.

As a pharmaceutical litigation attorney, I encourage everyone to pay attention to drug recalls.  A simple drug mix up can be just as dangerous as a defective drug.  If you have been injured by a defective drug, or believe you are the victim of a drug mix up such as the ones described above, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Elyria, Ohio drug injury lawyer.

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