Auto Manufacturers Take Steps to End Driveway Car Accidents

Car Parked in DrivewayWhen you’re in a hurry to leave the house, to get to that meeting or to the post office before it closes, it’s easy to speedily back out of the driveway without taking a sufficient look behind you.  Unfortunately, this mistake can be one of the most detrimental a driver makes.

Driveway car accidents, in the past, have been a leading cause of injury and death. A mistake as simple as not checking all the mirrors, or a child standing precisely in the blind spot of a vehicle, can result in the loss of a young life, and change a family’s world forever.

In the words of a parent who lost their own child in an accident like this, “after the incident you’re just kind of shell shocked and you don’t know what to do…in an instant, everything changes for you.”

A tragic accident like this can happen to anyone, at any time.  Automakers are taking steps to further prevent these accidents by adding backup cameras and sensors to vehicles. Previously, this equipment could be provided on request or installed after purchase but this new movement will make the equipment mandatory in all vehicles coming off the line.

Within the next four years, every new car will have this gear included. Phase-in of the safety equipment will begin in 2016 and all cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans will be fully equipped by 2018.

In the meantime, the best that anyone can do it spread the word to be extra careful when backing up — especially if you know there are children nearby.  An article from offers some suggestions for keeping young children safe and preventing driveway accidents. Listed below are three that we found most important.

  • Walk around and behind a vehicle before moving it.
  • When leaving a home with children, know where the kids are.  Make sure everyone has moved to place where they are in full view, and make sure another adult is supervising the little ones.
  • Keep toys off the driveway and teach children never to play behind or near a parked vehicle.

Unfortunately, in more than 70 percent of these accidents a parent of close relative is behind the wheel.  Spread information and safety tips about accidents such as this, it could save a young child’s life and prevent suffering for many families.

If you have questions about driveway car accidents, contact an Elyria, Ohio injury attorney today.

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