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Logan Stiner Complaint

After a complete investigation surrounding the tragic death of Logan Stiner, our law firm has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against those companies involved in manufacturing, supplying, advertising, selling and distributing of “pure caffeine powder.”

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WKYC Reports: Caffeine Powder Lawsuit

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Brian Balser to File Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Attorney Brian Balser to File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Companies Involved With Pure Caffeine Powder

After a complete investigation surrounding the tragic death of Logan Stiner, the law firm Brian K. Balser Co., LPA will be filing a wrongful death lawsuit on Friday March 6, 2015, against those companies involved in the manufacturing, supplying, advertising, selling and distributing of  “pure caffeine powder”. These companies include: Amazon, Hard Rhino, Guardian Wholesale and Guardian BioScience.

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Press Conference to Ban Sales of Caffeine Powder Featured on WKYC

The October 23rd  press conference was featured on Channel 3 WKYC this evening. Watch the video below and sign the petition on

Senator Brown Urges FDA to Ban Sale of Caffeine Powder

Watch the Fox8 Cleveland video, which highlights today’s press conference with Senator Brown, the Stiner parents, and the director of the Central Ohio Poison Control Center.

We appreciate the Senator’s support, and I’m very proud of my clients.

New Hope for Improved Cerebral Palsy Treatment

3766479979_d6d7c63d8aIf you are the caregiver of a child or have a family member with cerebral palsy then you know how difficult and painful the condition can be for the diagnosed and the people closest to them.  The condition is debilitating and has permanent effects on a patient’s quality of life, ranging from mobility challenges to developmental complications.

One of the most challenging aspects of the condition, for both caregivers and patients, is the problem of movement patterns. It is difficult to determine the precise extent of a patient’s unique mobility functions and that results in limited mobility treatment for individuals with cerebral palsy.

But, a new study has revealed a possible solution to that problem, one that might give children with cerebral palsy a more effective treatment for their mobile limitations. [Read more…]

Auto Manufacturers Take Steps to End Driveway Car Accidents

Car Parked in DrivewayWhen you’re in a hurry to leave the house, to get to that meeting or to the post office before it closes, it’s easy to speedily back out of the driveway without taking a sufficient look behind you.  Unfortunately, this mistake can be one of the most detrimental a driver makes.

Driveway car accidents, in the past, have been a leading cause of injury and death. A mistake as simple as not checking all the mirrors, or a child standing precisely in the blind spot of a vehicle, can result in the loss of a young life, and change a family’s world forever. [Read more…]

Drug Mix Ups Mean Big Drug Recalls

Prescription Drug Bottle and PillsWhen a drug manufacturer makes a packaging mistake, thousands of lives are put at risk.  A recent drug recall is evidence of this: a mix up between ibuprofen and a seizure drug prescribed to epilepsy patients could have serious health consequences.

Epilepsy patients who are scheduled to take a drug that prevents the seizures that can kill them were at risk for receiving a minor painkiller. American Health Packaging is responsible for the mix up and voluntarily recalled the drugs as soon as suspicion arose that something wasn’t right. [Read more…]

The Time is Ripe for the Elyria Apple Festival

Bushel of ApplesThe annual Elyria Apple Festival will bring fall fun to Ohio once more, from Sept. 19-21.  This festival has been around since 1980, and Elyria families have been attending since the very beginning.  If you were looking for an exciting way to ring in the colorful season, I would encourage you to pick the apple festival! [Read more…]

Brian K. Balser Co. LPA Retained as Counsel for Logan Stiner’s Family in Caffeine Powder Wrongful Death Case

caffeine powderThe death of 18-year-old Logan Stiner in May has captured the attention of the entire U.S., identifying an issue many of us were unaware existed.

Logan, just days away from graduation in his hometown of LaGrange, Ohio, passed away after ingesting a lethal amount of caffeine powder. Caffeine powder is a popular dietary supplement that is unregulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The autopsy revealed that Logan had over 70 micrograms of caffeine per milliliter of blood in his system (23 times the amount found in the blood of a typical coffee or soda drinker). [Read more…]